Can a WiFi controller make your sprinkler system more efficient?

Have you ever wondered if your watering schedule is the most efficient for the weather forecast? Have you ever been out of town and wondered if you forgot to set the sprinkler system correctly?

If you have found yourself asking those questions the answer is a WiFi sprinkler system controller. WiFi sprinkler system controllers have been around for a while but are now more affordable than ever. With options for systems with 6 zones all the way up to 36 zones there is a controller that fits your needs. The best part about these controllers is the software that is built in. The software allows your system to plan out the best watering schedule based upon the weather forecast. Add to that sensors that measure your systems flow rate and notify you if there are valve problems or line breaks and you will have an efficient system that will keep your lawn and flower beds looking their best. Contact Evergreen Sprinkler Repair today at (210)496-2318.

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